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Engagement infuses everything teams do with purpose, energy, and enthusiasm.

Recognition results in better decision making.

The more you focus on acknowledging your team's hard work, the better chances you have to keep them happier and more committed to your teams’s end goal. Check out this Gallup Article for more information.

A seamless and easy to use Slack integration.

We thought ahead so you don't have to be worried, thinking, "Another tool?!" Our Slack integration allows teams to use CarrotHR without leaving the comfort of Slack. Team members can give carrots and receive carrots right within a self-contained channel called "#givecarrots."

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"I was truly surprised on how much positive impact CarrotHR made in the team camaraderie and as a CEO, I love getting unique insight into who is making a positive impact with their colleagues, and ultimately, the company!"
Farbod Shoraka
CEO & Co-Founder of BloomNation
CarrotHR has had an amazing impact on SteelHouse. It’s turned our team’s compassion for one another into a reward system that everyone loves. It’s a great reminder for them to know that not only are they valued as individuals, but their actions and hard work are appreciated by everyone around them!
Anna McMurphy
VP, Head of People, Culture & Entertainment at Steelhouse
"CarrotHR has been instrumental in not only reinforcing our company culture of teamwork, but in encouraging and incentivizing people to go the extra mile to achieve a common goal."
Adam Bohn
CTO of Inc. Technologies

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